Our vision is to share our knowledge and experience. In order to do this, we create aesthetic and user-friendly electric motorboats, all respectful of nature.

Sailing allows us to let go and feel free and we want to share this experience with you. The feeling of a fresh breeze, the free and endless amount of air and of course the calm movement of the sea. That is truly what sailing is all about, whether sailing through city canals, forest lakes, or the ocean itself.


Regardless of experienced sailors or novices. At RAND Boats we strive to tear down boundaries, and aspire with each new model to create the very best for the specific purpose. All our boats are suitable in either way, whether easy plug-and-play daycruiser or the extravagant family weekender. All, especially with a unique dedication to the social experiences.


We strive to change and contribute to the sustainable mindset of powering motorboats. Regarding this we believe that by a sustainable approach to nature and our environment, the more freeing the experience at sea will be.At RAND Boats we make no compromises in the process of building the boats. Likewise our partners are highly sustainable in their industries as well. Compared to similar boat productions, RAND Boats uses only half of the material when producing boats. This means that the foam kernel is made of recycled plastic bottles, and in the same way the deck and tables are made from sustainable forestry wood.

RAND Boats offers the electric propulsion systems, which enhance the sustainable approach, and the feeling of freedom even more.

scandinavian design

When form follows function, and all matters unnecessary to the core purpose are stripped, the most accessible, life-improving products are given life to. This is what modern Scandinavian design is all about, and the idea that governs the RAND Boats design philosophy. 

The owner and architect behind the brand, Carl Kai Rand, pays much attention to detail. His education in architecture & design as well as years of experience in the maritime world, results in a unique and innovative approach to boat design. Carl Kai Rand rethinks boat design and ensures an optimal aesthetic meeting between functionality, sustainability, modern danish design and high usability.

It is through the graceful, minimalistic lines, characterizing the body of every hull, and the distinctive simplicity of every function that RAND Boats has attained its recognition.


At the core of every boat builder’s pride is the dedication to craftsmanship. Taking the time to honour every inch of fibre and every angle of carpentry. Producing close to custom made jewels with every boat leaving the production line.

RAND Boats is more than a boat producer. We are also a technology and design company, focusing on clean energy development. Easily noted in the shape of our boats, is the constant goal of pushing the boundaries of design and technology. Improving the boats for sustainable electric engines is one of our specialities and the hull’s shape is a clear example of this.

In summary, the ambition at RAND Boats’ production facility is no less, and the results speak their own true language. Above all the smallest detail is under careful observation and constant development and every bit of material is mindfully handpicked granting the highest of quality standards.


At RAND Boats we particularly believe that the dream of venturing into the oceans should never be limited. An experience or adventure should never be hindered by concerns of movability, space, or the difficulties of operating. In our opinion, boats should always be intuitive, simply designed, and presenting a layout inviting people aboard.


The lightweight construction of the boats has a hull designed to pierce the waves. This results in better performance, higher speeds and longer range. Simply, a smoother ride than a traditional motorboat. The boat simply consumes less electricity or gas, because of the reduced hydrodynamic drag.

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