Breeze 20


Breeze 20 is an extremely user-friendly luxury boat offering effortless sailing without compromise to functionality, comfort, or performance. The clever layout is designed around the central picnic table which transform into a massive sunbed meanwhile other functionalities like the flipping pilot backrest, massive storage rooms, integrated fridge and hidden bimini top gives high flexibility to adapt the boat for your needs on the go.


Simple boating doesn’t imply a simple boat at all. RAND’s philosophy on simple boating is to create a highly functional luxury boat in a clever layout and design that makes quality boating simpler than ever. This means that Breeze 20 doesn’t have overcomplicated control panels and it’s easy to manoeuvre so even unexperienced sailors can take the steering wheel and feel comfortable sailing. Together with low maintenance and intelligent boating integration, you can truly enjoy effortless sailing with your friends and family without compromising on quality, sailing experience, comfort, or luxury.


The lightweight construction and hyper-efficient hull design of Breeze 20 makes it an excellent choice for electric propulsion. Not only will you be able to sail with a clear conscience, knowing that you are causing no harm to the environment, but you’ll also benefit from the advanced technologies that make your boating experience truly exceptional. Enjoy the silence of an electric engine, the lack of offensive fume smells, low running costs, and minimal maintenance requirements.


Design, innovation and clever storage solutions is all embodied in this new distinctive day-console. Breeze 20 has been designed with maximum consideration for layout, offering a unique cruising experience along with clever features that make Breeze 20 one of the most spacious, functional and stylish boats in its class. The new Breeze 20 is a perfect marriage of aesthetics and functionality enhanced by the brand´s new design.


Even without an electric engine, Breeze 20 still has an industry leading green profile because of the efficient hull design and a sustainable production with organic and recycled material. These are not only sustainable but also certified and tested strong materials that have no compromises towards the craftmanship and long-term preservation of the boat.


With every new model from RAND, a new and specific hull design is designed and developed for the specific boat. With Breeze 20, the hull design is created with efficiency in mind, giving the most optimal setting for electric boating as well as gaining 30- 60% less fuel consumption with a traditional propulsion.


A big part of the simple boating concept behind Breeze 20 is the massive storage rooms providing space for all equipment and personal belongings you need onboard, as well as dedicated rooms for extra cushions, fenders, anker, and other necessary boating equipment, so you can move freely around the boat.



Breeze 20 is all about social experiences. The main social hangout area is the bow seating area with a center table placed close the console so the captain easily can be part of the social interactions. The aft also provides a seating space for 2 where you can flip the pilot backrest to get more space.


The social hangout area in the bow can easily be transformed into a 175x250cm sunbed by lowering the picnic table. When you pack down the sunbed again, all the extra cushions can be fitted inside the storage space under the seats.


One of the innovative design features on the Breeze 20 is a hidden bimini top and build-in swim ladder and toke mounts. The build-in swim ladder and towing mounts are part of the aft sun lounge, that gives easy access for watersports and jumping the water. The hidden Bimini top in the helm position gives an easy opportunity to get shadow when you need it, even on the go.


As an option, you can get a new innovative design feature with a hidden bimini top in the aft storage space. This gives you the flexibility to remove and add your bimini on the go, with an effortless two step foldout process.


The philosophy behind RAND’s unique intelligent boating system is to make your sailing effortless and user-friendly, which merges perfectly with the simple boating philosophy. As Breeze 20 is a fully connected boat you will have real-time remote access, live updates, GPS fence for thief protection, Intelligent user modes that automates all setups for the boat and much more.


With it’s 20 feet and only 595kg, Breeze 20 can be trailered behind any car. This makes the boat very easy to transport from place to place and in some areas, you don’t even need to pay for a berth as you simply can drop the boat in the water and take it with you back on a trailer.

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